About us
Who we are
Alisa Tours Ltd is a Bulgarian Tour-Operator and Travel Agency headquartered in Sofia.Alisa Tours was founded in 1999 and has been registered as a tour-operator in Bulgaria with the Bulgarian Ministry of Economics, Energy and Tourism under license number 03636. With more than 13 years of history Alisa Tours Ltd is your qualified partner for holidays in Bulgaria and the Balkans.

About the founding partners
Alisa Tours was founded by Lily Dushanova and Savina Stoimenova
Lily has over 40 years of experience in tourism having started her career in Balkan Tourist after graduating from the Bulgarian Tourism Institute. Lily also holds a Bachelors of Arts in History from the University of Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria. Lily worked for Balkan Tourist the Bulgarian National Tour-Operator for 30 years before starting her private practice.
Savina holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in History from the University of Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria. Prior to founding Alisa Tours Savina worked as a Historian at the Bulgarian Academy of Science.

How we work
Through the years we have developed an extensive network of contacts with hotels, tour guides, and transportation service providers. We have trusted partners we have worked with for years that we know are not going to let us down.
We have local expertise and know-how not only in Bulgaria but also in Turkey, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia and Macedonia because we have organized numerous trips to those destinations. We work for the long-term development of our business which inevitably means developing sustainable relationships with our clients and business partners. We have been in existence for 13 years and we have never let down our clients and counterparts.

What we offer
Cultural tours across Bulgaria and the Balkans
(package and bespoke holidays)
Pilgrim and Esoteric tourism
Incentive tourism (wine tasting, bird watching,
botanic tours)
SPA and Wellness tourism
Weekends and short trips

Discover Bulgaria with Alisa Tours!
Situated in Southeast Europe on the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria prides itself with a remarkable natural variety on just
111 000 sq kilometers and a continental climate making it an attractive destination for both winter and summer tourism.
Well known for its seaside and ski resorts Bulgaria is perhaps less known for its cultural tourism capabilities. We at Alisa
Tours have taken it upon ourselves to change that!

Cultural Tourism
There is plenty to appeal to the culture loving tourist in one of the most ancient countries in Europe. Prior to its
establishment in the 7th century Bulgaria saw the presence of the Thracians and later the Greeks and the Romans who
have left plenty of remains of their advanced cultures on those lands. Since Antiquity Bulgaria has accumulated a
remarkable cultural heritage - among 40 000 registered historical monuments 7 are included in the UNESCO list of world
cultural heritage sites. It is also perhaps little known that the number of archeological sites in the country is the 3d largest
in Europe after Italy and Greece. Those include ancient settlement mounds from the Neolithic age, Thracian sanctuaries
and tombs, remains of Roman cities, Byzantine and medieval fortresses, architectural reserves, ethnographic complexes,
churches and monasteries.

Pilgrim and Esoteric Tourism
Bulgaria is also an attractive destination for those interested in pilgrim tourism the country accepts Christianity in the 9th
century and has 160 monasteries and more than 5000 churches. For the venerators of esoteric tourism it is also
interesting to note that Bulgaria is the home of philosophical and spiritual doctrines such as the Bogomilism which quickly
spreads to Western Europe in the 10th century and more recently the Deunovism by the name of its initiator Petar Deunov.

SPA and Wellness
Bulgarias pristine nature and abundance of mineral water springs of various chemical composition, temperature and
properties make it a prime destination for SPA and wellness tourism. The country which has more than 700 mineral water
springs has extensive capabilities and solid traditions in balneology.
For more detailed information about Bulgaria please read our brochure Discover Bulgaria with Alisa Tours.